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“City Towing really helped me out one morning last month. I tried to start my car, but the battery died completely. Turns out my teenage son forgot to turn off the headlights the night before. I called for Towing Service, and got a technician at my door within 15 minutes. After a quick battery test showed it was dead, he advised me on the most affordable replacement and installed it like a pro. I was thankful for the great service that also allowed me to still be at work on time. Thanks a lot! If I am ever in a bind again, I know who to call.”
Vanessa From Toronto
“I really appreciate the service you guys gave me when my SUV broke down on the highway unexpectedly. It’s a pretty uncomfortable feeling being stuck on the left shoulder with traffic flying by! I was very relieved when the tow truck showed up, especially since he gave me a great recommendation for a garage that wouldn’t rip me off. I am a student, and City Towing’s prices were pretty fair and affordable, even by my standards. Thanks again!”
Kim From Mississauga
“My business is located in a busy strip mall, so that parking spots reserved for my customers are used excessively by others, not to mention fire lanes. Since partnering with City Towing, my customers report that they can almost always find parking nearby. I am glad to know the are taking care of it so I can focus on business first.”
Tom From Richmond Hill
“We were driving together to a friend’s wedding, and when we stopped to pick up some items for the ceremony, we got locked out by accident. We almost panicked, but lucky for us, there was aCity Towing truck operator on his lunch break. He was able to open our car in a matter of minutes, so we could get on our way. We thought it was pretty cool that it all worked out thanks to him.”
Jerry and Christina From Etobicoke
“City Towing is definitely the most professional towing service around. I know because I am a ‘repeat customer’ – once for a flat tire, and once for recovery of my car out of deep mud. Their staff in the office and in the field are real friendly, and they make sure to keep you in the loop so you know exactly what you’re paying for. I carry their card in my wallet now, just in case.”

Richard From Brampton
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